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Application integration helps maintain, manage, and keep all your applications up to date while alleviating data duplication and redundancy. By creating an application integration network that allows applications to communicate with each other, business and work processes can be done more effectively and efficiently.

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Secure, scalable, and intuitive web applications

We provide end to end web development services, from creating a prototype to building a complex web application, redesign existing web app or migrate legacy code to newest technologies.


Integration Of Web Services

Integration helps in communication and exchange of information where a web service provider enables certain functionalities that can be used by different applications working on different codes. The application can send a request to use the services where the web app is request.


The Use Of Web Services For Application Integration

New developments in object-oriented methods have changed the A2A and B2B deployment and customization.

Earlier the integration of codes written in C, or COBOL was done through a programming interface (APIs) where concrete data structures were invoked through PPCs across the internet. Later WI (Java remote method invocation), Common object request and DCOM were used at the distributed middleware. Now message-oriented MOM and XML are used with SOAP for such integrations.

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